We all began playing games at a very young age with our friends and families. We played at home or at a friend's house for a long time, but messy rooms, lack of space, and angry parents pushed us to find a better place. Diners served our purpose well as we could be by ourselves, have a little more space, and have people bring us drinks and food. The best part about being in the Diner is that we never had to clean up after ourselves! This was perfect! Well..except for the weird looks we would get and the mean people of the world making snide remarks. Wouldn't it be great if we had a place to go that had tables designed for us to play on, people to wait on us hand and foot, good food, good drinks, and even better games, in an atmosphere that didn't only make us feel comfortable but enhanced our gaming experience? And so, Game Knight Geek Bar was born. Come belong to a place where everyone knows your game!!